Composite style headlights are always made from plastic or polycarbonate material.  They are not round nor rectangle in shape but conform to the contours of the front of the motor home,  see example. A lot of the time the corner or turn signal are attached as well.  RV Headlights does not carry this version but if they are in good condition there is no need to replace the lens.  Upgrade the removable bulbs and greatly improve your ability to see.  Use specialized bulbs to do this to get to the level that we consider a major improvement.  If you need to clean your lenses this will go a long way to also improve your vision.  There are several products on the market to improve the lens.  If they need replacing the easy way would be to contact the RV manufacture for new ones. Currently RV Headlights does not carry replaceable composite headlights.  If you are ready to improve your composite headlights with upgrade bulbs... select composite
Sealed beams headlights are usually glass.  They are simple round or rectangle in design.  Usually found on the older models.  Notice the examples we have posted on this page.  These are the worst ones and will cost more to improve your motorhome lighting.  Not only will you need to replace the lens with a newer conversion lens but also upgrade the bulbs used in the lens to get that 200% improvement.  RV Headlights uses one of the oldest manufactures for our conversion lenses.  They are a little higher in cost to cheaper ones but the Hella version is made out of glass and will not discolor over the years.  Giving you a headlight system that you will not have to replace for years if ever. Conversion lenses come in 4 sizes.  7inch round, 5 3/4 inch round or 7" X 6" rectangle and two versions that measure 6 1/2" X 4" each.  If you have sealed beam style... select seal beams
  Both styles can be improved on.  Our products can be installed by a average buyer if you have mechanical ability.  If you want the easiest bulb upgrade to install it would be the LED version.  They are Plug & Play by simply removing old bulb and insert new bulb.  These might be new to you but they have been tested and proven to fully function as a upgrade to your headlights.  You might be familiar to LED if you have recently replaced any of your old incandescent bulbs in your home with LED's.
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Now that we know what type of headlights we actually have,  lets get the right parts.  COMPOSITE STYLE  /   SEALED BEAM STYLE
You have to know what style you have to improve it 200%
Sealed Beam versions and Composite versions.  Sealed Beam versions are a simple single round or a simple rectangle.  Knowing what motorhome headlight assembly you have is key to your more
Don't Take The Risk With Dim Outdated Headlights On Your RV
Composite Headlights
Sealed Beam Headlights
How to find your hard to find motorhome headlights
How to find your hard to find motorhome headlights
Hard To Find Motorhome Headlights