It's a good RV.  It serves our purpose and has been part of the family for years.  But we cain't see to drive the thing at night so we pull off the road before it gets dark.  I've heard this from a lot of RV owners of older RVs. It's time for a change.  Switch out those old 1980 style headlights with the latest bulbs used by RV manufactures today.  You still have the same look with your individual sealed beam system but by switching to a sealed beam conversion you now can add a updated style bulb.  A 200% improvement can be achieved by adding either a HID or LED bulb kit.  See farther down the road and increase your ability to see the sides of the road.  A whiter light adds the ability to distinguish shapes better and see road markings.
Sealed Beam Motorhome Headlights Specs / PURCHASE
Know that we have a sealed beam headlight we have to determine what size it is.  Its not that hard since they are only available in a conversion form in 4 sizes.  A simple way to ID the size is to measure it.  You have round ones and rectangle ones.  The largest rectangle version measures 7" X 6".  A smaller size in rectangle is 6 1/2" X 4".  This size comes in 2 different versions that we will get into later.  Round style also comes in 2 sizes as well.  7" being the largest and 5 3/4" the smallest.  Most motor homes will have 2 of same size on both sides so you have 4 total lenses.
Just measure from the front your lenses to get a idea which ones you have.  Your measurement will be close to the actual dimension.  Plus or minus 1/2 in will still give you the version you have.  If you want to remove the lens you will find inked numbers on the back.  Check the drawings for actual numbers.
After you find what version you have by looking at the images below pay attention to the bulb that works with the different styles.  You can use this information to buy a upgrade bulb that will bring you closer to the 200% increase.  Example a 7 X 6 uses a H4 sometimes listed as a H2B or even a 9003 which are common versions that will do both Low Beam and High Beam.  To check behind yourself if you have this version in your motorhome it will have a 3 prong connector plugged into the back of the sealed beam.  Once you have the version of the lens figured out now is time to pick which bulb you want to replace it with, HID or LED. 
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Below we show the HELLA Brand of sealed beam conversion headlights.  You can use this image for reference as well as purchase here just your conversion lensThese are sold in pairs only and include a HELLA standard halogen bulb for each lens.  Follow this link to purchase a COMBO version that includes a pair of conversion lenses and your choice of LED or HID upgrade bulb kits.  Replacing both lense as well as the bulb will get you a 200% improvement.
7X6 4X6 1/2 H4 4X6 1/2 H1 7 ROUND 5 3/4 ROUND
BUY $156.00
BUY $157.00
BUY $160.00
BUY $114.00
BUY $148.00
Don't Take The Risk With Dim Outdated Headlights On Your RV