If we are viewing this page it is because you have Composite Style Headlights.  Having this style makes it simple to upgrade your ability to see the road.  The first issue on composite headlights is usually noticeable.  Are the lenses clear.  Can you actually see the reflector inside the lens.  Getting the lenses clear goes a long way improving your headlights.  You get to judge how clear your restore should be.  You get to choose which style of restoration you need to bring your lenses back from the dead.  Here at RV Headlights we hate to cut corners on anything.  We have been dealing with cloudy dim headlights for years and have found you cain't go wrong with using a sanding or buffing procedure to bring back the clarity.  We are not recommending any specific way but we use 3M's headlight restorer.  Sanding with steps of various grades of grit to get back to a clear lens takes time and probably should be done by a professional.  It can take time for sure.  Once the sanding is done ask about a coating to keep it from happening again in a few years. 

You can always replace the lenses if you have the money and can get new lenses from the manufacture, that is great. Consider your old ones discolored in a few years and the new ones will do the same,  read more "searching for new hard to find headlights".
Now that we have clear lenses we have to make the decision.  What type of bulbs are we going to use.  HID or LEDs.  NOTE:  Either one will greatly improve your ability to see over the halogen bulbs you now have.  Getting to that 200% improvement takes good stuff.
If you are doing the install yourself I would recommend the LED version.  There are less components to deal with and installing the bulbs is just a matter of removing old bulbs and inserting new bulbs.  Simple right.
NOTE:  Both versions are simple as plug and play with single function replacement is done.  This occurs on low beam applications usually.  They are the bulbs that only have a 2 prong connector plugged into them. This will let you simply install a new bulb either LED or HID into the lens and reconnect the connector.  Multi function bulb replacement require a relay connection with HIDs.  Not hard to do but can confuse a non mechanical person.  Check out the install diagram
Now is the time to decide.  You want be disappointed with either.  If you want the easiest overall and latest generation in lighting use LED.
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